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Realm Abilities


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Total Skill Points Skill Points Spent Skill Points Left
Cloth Armor
Arborial Path
Creeping Path
Verdant Path
Arborial Mastery
Creeping Mastery
Verdant Mastery
  • STR
  • CON S
  • DEX T
  • QUI
  • INT P
  • PIE
  • EMP
  • CHA
Arborial Path  Spec :  Cost : 2 Spent : 0
Shield (Self)
Damage Shield
Arborial Path Specialization - Arborial Mastery
Bomber (Damage)
Bomber (AOE Damage)
Controllable Turret (Damage)
Fire and Forget Turret (Root)
Creeping Path  Spec :  Cost : 2 Spent : 0
Bomber (Damage and Debuff)
Bomber (Root)
Fire and Forget Turret (Damage)
Debuff (Constitution)
Creeping Path Specialization - Creeping Mastery
Fire and Forget Turret (Debuff Damage)
Fire and Forget Turret (Pulsing PBAOE Damage Debuff)
Controllable Turret (Damage and Snare)
Bomber (AOE Armor Debuff)
Bomber (AOE Root)
Verdant Path  Spec :  Cost : 2 Spent : 0
Bomber (Heal Turret)
Bomber (Regen)
Fire and Forget Turret (Buff Elemental Resistances)
Fire and Forget Turret (Buff Physical Resistances)
Bladeturn (Self)
Absorb (Self)
Verdant Path Specialization - Verdant Mastery
Damage (Pet PBAOE)
Controllable Turret (Tank)
Bomber (Bladeturn)
Bomber (Buff Armor, Short Duration)
Bomber (Buff Armor, Long Duration)
Fire and Forget Turret (Ablative Armor)

Realm abilities:

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Original concept : catacombs.com. Original Uthgard version : Nixian